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  Taunton West Little League Champions

     Taunton City Champions in Bold. Series with Taunton East began in 1955.


Year         Team Champion        Manager                   League President        Umpire-in-Chief

2020       Dodgers                    Tyler Martin                    Peter Higgins                   Faron White

2019       Dodgers                    Tyler Martin                    Jason Buffington                Faron White

2018       Dodgers                    William Emerson             Faron White                      Gene Mclaughlin

2016       Cubs                         Kevin Quinlan                 Peter Higgins                    Dominic Damiano

2015       Yankees                    Brian Robinson               Peter Higgins                     Dominic Damiano       

2014       Orioles                      Kevin Gobin                   Peter Higgins                     Dominic Damiano

2013         Cubs                             Mike Strojny                        Peter Higgins                          Dominic Damiano

2012         Yankees                        Brian Crawford                     Scott Whalon                         Dominic Damiano

2011         Braves                          Bill O'Brien/Brian Melo          John Hoey                              Jim Gracia     

2010         Cubs                             John Cain                            John Merenda                         Jim Gracia

Complete listing of Champions back to the first Championship Year 1952.


Taunton City Little League Championship
Carlton W. Galligan Trophy
65 Series Played: Taunton West - 33 City Championships;
Taunton East - 31 City Championships;
1 Co-Championship
Year               Result
2020                     TELL Philies defeated TWLL Dodgers, 2 games to 0.
2019                    TWLL Dodgers defeated TELL Phillies, 2 games to 1.
2018                    TWLL Dodgers defeated TELL Tigers, 2 games to 1.
2017                    TELL Angels defeated TWLL Yankees, 2 games to 0.
2016                    TELL Mets defeated TWLL Cubs, 2 games to 0.
2015                    TELL Tigers defeated TWLL Yankees, 2 games to 0.

Complete listing of prior years going back to 1955.

District 6 Little League Champions

2020     NA
2019    Mansfield
2018    Mansfield
2017    Taunton Eastern
2016    Fairhaven-Acushnet
2015    Taunton Eastern
Complete listing of prior years going back to 1952.